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Wish You had time
to go to chef school?

Now there’s an easier way to learn. Rated 5 Stars on the Apple App Store!

Join Chef League to learn how to improvise flavors like a pro in short game-like Fix the Dish challenges. Its like DuoLingo for Chef School!



Quick quizzes help you understand what each ingredient adds to a dish. How sweet, acidic, or salty is a generic tomato compared to a carrot?


How would you fix a burger patty that is too salty if you can only add one ingredient? Chef League challenges you to compete with others to fix flaws in recipes.


Chef League is relaxing, creative, or competitive - however you prefer to play!

Underrated Simulation Games To Play on IOS
"Did you know there is a game where you compete to make things delicious? 

Chef League is unique in the genre of cooking games. It was made by a top flavor scientist, and it's all about mixing flavors. It features photorealistic visuals, hints from actual flavor experts, and is based on the kind of recipes you see on top chef shows. See if you can improvise recipes like a pro and top the leaderboards in this casual chef simulation game!"
Critic, Games Keys
November 2020
Chef League challenges you to improvise like a pro
"This mobile game is sure to make your mouth water. It challenges players to come up with the right ingredients to make a particular dish taste better.

A lot of other cooking games, including Diner Dash and Gordon Ramsay's Dash are about time management rather than learning about cooking."
Lead Games Writer, VentureBeat
May 2019
"There are over a million apps on the App Store, but most of the titles you’ll find in the Games category are cookie-cutter variations of each other. Even the most beautifully unique games usually fit neatly into an existing genre.

Not so with Chef League, a game (if we can even call it that) that utterly defies categorization. One thing’s for sure: you won’t find anything else quite like it."
Editor in Chief, Tapsmart
June 2019
A New App is Transforming Learning Through AI
"Chef League is able to produce new insights (in the form of AI Chefs) which would have been impossible for humans to generate on their own.

Even if you sat down and read through millions of reviews, there would be no way to summarize or use that information in a compelling way."
Contributor, Hacker Noon
May 2019

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Explore for yourself!

Mini-game challenges
Ingredients to play with
Pro chef consultants
Million dishes researched

How Chef League Started

Beth Ames Altringer created Chef League as a fun way for amateurs to learn to think like a professional chef. Altringer’s day job is as a professor of design at Harvard, but she has a lifelong passion for learning about taste and flavor perception. As a kid, she entered competitions to create new Jelly Belly flavors. In grad school, she became a blind tasting champion. Later, she took coding classes and built an encyclopedia of how flavors taste, e.g., a red delicious apple is sweeter, less crunchy, and less acidic than a Royal Gala apple. After years of hobby projects (Flavor Genome Project,  Sensory Composition project, and Flavor Fluency project), she made Chef League. 

Chef League is a mobile game based on science-quality data  and research on how chefs learn to invent recipes. Get a taste of reality TV cooking competitions – on the go and at home. If you like The Taste, Top Chef, Parts Unknown,Cutthroat Kitchen, Chef’s Table, and Nailed it, and books like Salt Fat Acid Heat, Nomu Guide to Fermentation, and sites like Food Network and Wine Folly, you should try Chef League. Play to show off. Stay to think like a chef!


Chef Tracy Chang

Chef-owner of award-winning Pagu restaurant. Co-founder of Off Their Plate. Featured in The Boston Globe, Eater, Thrillist, and more.

Jamil Moledina

Games consultant and advisor. Former Games Strategic Lead at Google; CEO Wormhole Games; BD at Funzio (acquired by GREE).

Burak Cakmak

Dean, Parson’s Design. Previously, Burak founded and led sustainable design initiatives at Kering, Gucci Group, Made By, Swarovski, Gap, and more.

Katherine Miller

Vice President of Impact, James Beard Foundation Previously: Founding Executive Director of Chef Action Network.

Grover Smith

Founder, Indie Chefs Week, which tours the USA hosting dinners that promote 24 exceptional indie chefs at a time.

Nathan Eagle

CEO/Co-founder, Jana Mobile. Jana raised $100 million and became the largest global provider of free and subsidized internet in emerging economies.

Tena Zara

Saute Foods. Previously: General Council, MIT; VP and General Council, EdX; Corporate Secretary and GC, AFFOA.